Our Role

Our most important role is to get you that YES!!! With so much media exposure women these days have the wildest proposal expectations. So trust us when we say proposing in a bar with beer and pizza just don't cut it anymore. Fear not dear gents we are here to help you create a dream proposal that goes beyond her imaginations. Let us do the planning and all you gotta do is bring the bling.

Most of all, remember that, while wedding day is all about the bride, the proposal is the groom’s time to shine. This is the one time opportunity for you to show her how much she means to you. Let your creative juices flow and turn her dreams into reality and when you hear that YES it will all be worth it.


Handy Lu

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Handy knows how to execute. He makes things happen, to perfection and on time – nothing left to chance. He also has a strong network of connections to get all the pieces of your proposal together. Most importantly, he’s been in the position of trying to craft the perfect proposal, and knows how tough it is without a team. He’s ready to help you win that YES from your girl.


Arista Lu

An interior designer by trade, Arista knows how to create concepts and turn them into reality. As a naturally insightful person, Arista knows what women want and can give you that female perspective. She is also a skilled event planner and organizer, and loves creating memories for others. She’s ready to help you turn your proposal into an incredible experience.