January 12, 2015

Owen & Jessica Proposal Story

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A story about two people that will inspire and make you believe in love all over again.

Everyone loves a heartwarming proposal story, it act as a reminder to people around us there is still hope, spread the love and the world will be a better place. Today I want to share a sweet and romantic story about a couple that is absolutely perfect for each other, Owen and Jessica.

How We Met

Owen and I met in 2011. We were introduced through mutual friends on a regular night out, I was not looking for a serious relationship with anyone at the time but Owen certainly caught my attention. He was a warm and kindhearted person, he treated me with genuine kindness even though I was a stranger. However it was not love at first sight, as he was not the type of guy I usually fall for, not too mention we have completely different personalities.

Despite all the differences between us I cant help but noticing a certain dynamic between Owen and I, there’s something more than meets the eye, so we started seeing each other more and as time goes by we fell in love with each other more and more. We realized that our differences actually makes us stronger, and we keep pushing one another to be a better person. What can you ask

The Proposal

It didn’t take us long to realize we are perfect for each other and we have something really special together.  Owen proposed to me on August 14th 2012, our first anniversary as a couple. Owen wanted to celebrate our first anniversary and asked me out to a romantic dinner, little that I know he had planned a little surprise for me.

Owen showed up donning a suit and tie (which was very rare), clean shaved, and smelled amazing, he looked suave and amazingly handsome that night. As we drove to the restaurant Owen suddenly apologized because the present he was preparing for our anniversary was not ready and I would have to wait a week to receive it. I told him I didn’t mind at all.

We arrived at a small romantic Thai restaurant midtown, our table was set up so beautifully with candles and roses. I remembered Owen was being particularly nice to me that night but he did look a bit jittery and nervous, but I didn’t think much of it, I was simply enjoying my romantic night. After the meal Owen excused himself to the bathroom. He came back to the table carrying a bouquet of roses, on top of the flowers sat a tiny little box. He gave me the flower and asked me to open the box, As soon I saw the box i knew whats about to happen, I choked, all kinds of emotions went through my head and I completely froze. I forced myself to open the box and there it was the most beautiful diamond ring. Tears started to flow freely down my cheek and at that moment Owen got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and of course I said YES

I was so speechless and blown away. It turns out that Owen had planned this for quite sometime, on the D day, he requested a day off from work so he can get everything ready. It was undeniably one of the best moments of my life; the fact that Owen made an effort to do a fairytale proposal to me just shows how much she loves me.

Every girl deserves a special proposal, it will forever be a special moment worth remembering.

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