November 4, 2014

Top Proposal Trends

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Wedding proposals have transformed from getting on one knee to hundreds of people dancing on the street before popping the question. To help you catch up with the latest proposal trends, we have the list right here.

In our current technological era, we constantly receive new information every minute, and because of that things fade pretty fast. That is why proposals have transformed from getting on one knee to hundreds of people dancing on the street. Here are some of the latest proposal trends:

  1. Flash Mobs
    If you are a fan of social media, chances are you have seen flash mob scenes floating somewhere in your newsfeed. Public proposal is often flashy, lavish, and involves a whole lot of people. If public proposal fits your personality, you should definitely give flash mob a thought. Contact your local flash mob experts and consult. Though a flash mob proposal can be very exciting, it can often be very difficult and tricky to pull off; be very careful in dealing with permits from local authority.┬áThe last thing you’d want is to get your proposal plan canceled caused by lack of permits.
  2. Disney Proposal
    Yes disney proposal you read that right; even if you are not a disney person per say, proposing in disney theme park makes a whole lot of sense. Not only it brings nostalgic feelings but proposing at disney also gives you a lot of ways to be creative.
  3. Destination Proposal
    Women in general wants be to be surprised when it comes to proposal, what better way to catch her off guard than to propose in an exotic location. Everyone thinks that their proposal was the best, if you proposed in an awe inspiring and unique destination then your proposal might actually be one of the very best proposals. Prince William’s proposal was surely one of the best proposal stories. He trekked around Kenya carrying Princess Diana’s ring in his backpack until he found just the right place to propose to Kate. If Prince William is doing it then so should you.
  4. Capturing the Moment
    With social media welded into our everyday lives, it is not surprising couples opted to document private proposal moments. Couples would like to capture their intimate moment so they could relive and share the moment with family and friends.

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