July 5, 2017

Success Story:  Bali Scavenger Hunt Proposal

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Fall in love with someone who tastes like adventure but looks like the calm, beautiful morning after a terrible storm

I can’t begin to express how thankful I am to have done my Bali proposal with Proposal Envy, ever since the first contact you can see they are in a league of their own. Extremely serious, creative, crafty and reliable. After our first meeting I had no doubt I could entrust them the most important event of my life. The planning was both efficient and effective making the best of the resources and deadlines, and in the day of the proposal in Bali even thought it rained heavily Handy had alternatives for all the plans and managed deliver the perfect proposal. The result was a dream come true. A memory me and my fiancee will always treasure forever

Walking Down The Memory Lane Proposal

Juan Carlos and Natalia met each other in one of their class projects and became close friends soon after. Juan is a romantic person and always tries to find different ways to show how much Natalia means to him. This destination proposal will be one of the biggest surprise he has ever planned for Natalia, which is why he really wanted to work together with Proposalenvy and create the best proposal surprise. Juan always wanted to propose in an exotic island paired with the most amazing backdrop, which is why Bali, Indonesia is the perfect destination proposal location.

The Proposal Plan

After many consultations and brainstorming sessions we finally decided on the most amazing proposal plan. We curated a memory lane Journey for Natalia; we laid out important stages of Juan and Natalia’s relationship into four different stages, the beginning, the journey, the present, and the proposal. Natalia will have to stop by each stage and find the hidden clues

The Proposal Execution

To start this amazing journey we have arranged a private chauffeur to pick up Juan Carlos and Natalia at the hotel. We made reservations for a two hours couple massage at one of the most amazing and luxurious beach front spa. Just when they’re about to finish the spa session, Juan Carlos sneaked out and head out to the proposal location. He left a note for Natalia, letting her know that he had gone to the beach ahead of her and chauffeur is waiting outside to take her to the beach.

start of the scavenger hunt proposal

As soon as Natalia arrived at the proposal venue, she was greeted by one of our team member. We carefully explained to her that Carlos had prepared a very special surprise and she should follow the instructions to find out where she had to go. For starters we gave her a map of the venue with marked locations to where she needed to go and a clue card.

figuring out the clues
A bit of rain during the proposal
finding out the first clue
bali proposal

The first stage represents the beginning of their love interest and the story of how they met through education and similar interests. We filled the picnic basket with rose petals, textbooks and pictures of early stages of the relationship. We also placed a little clue card in one of the textbooks.

finding the second clue

Juan Carlos had shared with us regarding their traveling passion and how it has been a very important part the relationship. We dedicated this second location for their passion of traveling. We prepared an old vintage travel briefcase filled with pictures that they have taken in every country they visited, and Natalia had to find the clue card hidden among all the pictures.

bali proposal
proposal decoration
figuring out the last clue

The third stage will be all about the people around them, friends and families that helped them grow and mature. We prepared hundreds of families and friends pictures and wrote a hidden instruction on the back of the pictures!!

meeting with prince charming

How He Asked

Juan Carlos had been waiting for his princess midway down the stairs and you clearly see Natalia’s emotion when she saw him. He then took her hand and guided her down the stairs to the proposal location.

walking down the stairs
surprise proposal decoration
proposal decorations
bali proposal

Knowing what was about to happen Natalia cant hold back the tears for much longer. Juan Carlos got down on one knee and asked her hand in marriage. The rest is history.

how to propose
will you marry me
surprise proposal
she said yes
proposal hug
Proposal kiss
engagement session
engagement session
engagement photshoot
engagement photoshoot
bali proposal planner
bali proposal

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