October 31, 2018

Success Story:  Private Scavenger Hunt

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You have made my heart brighter than the brightest candle. Thank you for being in my heart and completing me.

Bali Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Steven came to us to discuss possibilities of arranging a private proposal in Bali, He mentioned that he would like to give Summer a fun yet romantic proposal. Soon after out initial contact we suggested giving Summer a scavenger hunt proposal with himself at the last destination, waiting for her. Steven was so thrilled with this idea and even created a photo book to be placed at the last scavenger hunt location.

We created a custom personalized proposal that fits with Summer’s personality and placed pictures throughout the whole scavenger hunt locations. Meanwhile at the beach we constructed a  beautiful contemporary golden arch for the ultimate proposal set up.

Upon their arrival Steven excused himself to the bathroom and went straight to the proposal location, soon after we gave Summer an introductory note to start the scavenger hunt!!

Summer found her way to the beach and found this georgeus decorations set up and a little box underneath it. She opens the box and finds a customized photo album that Steven had created. While Summer was looking through the photo book, Steven secretly walked up towards her.

Steven got down one one knee and popped the questions!!

And of course Summer could not have said yes fast enough.

Steven and Summer finished off the engagement with a magnificent private romantic dinner for two at the beach.

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