October 14, 2018

Success Story:  Birthday Proposal

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He told Cheree that he had prepared another gift for her birthday, he then slowly unwrapped the gift and she could not believe what she saw.

Bali Surprise Birthday Proposal

Ready to propose but not sure where to start? Read our blog for the most amazing Bali destination proposals. Andy and Cheree were planning to visit bali for nice weekend getaway, and Andy thought that this was the perfect opportunity to pop the question!! This could just be the perfect birthday gift ever, the most amazing destination Bali proposal

The Proposal Plan

Andy had Cheree believed that he had hired a photographer for a two hour photo session as her birthday gift. Little did she know he had also arranged a romantic proposal set up on the beach.

How He Asked

Andy and Cheree arrived at the beach hotel venue for the photoshoot. Cheree was so excited knowing that we were having the photo session by the beach. We gave her a flower bouquet and a flower crown to start the photo session.

Cheree did not expect anything and had so much fun during the photoshoot, until Andy suddenly took her to this amazing gazebo, complete with light bulbs decorations, fairy lights, flowers and photo gallery of their relationship thus far.

Under the gazebo Cheree saw a wrapped gift with a ribbon on it, Andy told her that he had prepared another gift for her birthday. He then slowly unwrapped the gift and she could not believe what she saw.

Cheree saw a calligraphy board that says “Cheree Will You Marry Me?”

She was absolutely shocked and could not held her emotions; Andy finally got down on one knee and popped the question!!

And of course without hesitation Cheree said yes!!

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