April 9, 2017

Success Story:  Birthday Proposal Surprise

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"I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you."

Women often dream about having the perfect proposal for as long as she can remember, even a simple proposal, as long as it is thoughtful, will make her appreciate the thought and effort put into it. Fits and Nana have been going out for quite some time and her would like to give her a simple and thoughtful yet romantic proposal she deserves.

Fits humbly confessed to us that they never properly celebrated any important occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, etc) and for that reason he wanted to make things right by giving her a birthday celebration she will never forget. Together with proposalenvy, Fits and us, curated a unique birthday proposal plan that she will never forget.

Fits bought Nana a plane ticket in advance, and told her that they were spending a nice long weekend in Bali as part of her birthday celebration. For her actual birthday ┬ádate he told her that they’re having a simple romantic dinner, little did she know it will not be as simple as she thought it would be.

Upon Arriving to the proposal location, Nana was told to follow the candle path, that we have prepared, and along the way she would find several wrapped gifts. These gifts were handpicked by Fits himself including a handmade photo album filled with memories and a note written by Fits.

Nana was pleasantly surprised to see how his not so romantic boyfriend had gone through all this process to make her feel so special. Fits watched from afar as she opened the presents one by one and ultimately found the photo album. As she read the note inside the photo album, Fits stealthily approached her ready to pop the question!!

Watch the video and  see how Nana said YES!!




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