August 30, 2017

Success Story:  2,329 Meters Above Ground

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When you love someone you will go the distance to make her feel happy. Share your awesome proposal stories with us

Bob and Gladys have been together since high school and along the way they went on many adventures, faced struggles, and shared beautiful memories together; it is time to get real and step it up a notch

Bob and Gladys are big fan of nature, they love being outdoor and enjoy the best things nature has to offer. During our first contact with Bob, he expressed how he always had this idea to to have his proposal out in the wild paired with the most amazing natural background. After searching for quite some time we suggested to propose at Mt. Bromo; it is one the most sought after travel destination. With its active volcano and majestic views this would be the perfect location to pop the questions!! Bob couldn’t be more excited.

Bob told Gladys that they were going on a trip to Mt. Bromo for the weekend including a couple photo session during the trip, but little did she know Bob had something else in mind.
For the proposal execution, we gave Bob four wooden board signs that says “Will you be my one and only” Bob will be holding these wooden board one by one, in secret, throughout the photo session. Talk about a fun and challenging proposal plan!!


First spot. Bob held the wooden board behind her back. Bob was so nervous that he almost dropped the board, yet fortunately he barely held on a few seconds longer and avoided a complete disaster. Catastrophe avoided! Moving on.

The second time around Bob grew confident, he held the second sign board with finesse. Everything went according to plan no hiccups whatsoever, on to the next!

Third spot. Bob held the board against gladys shoulder while she gazed into the  wilderness. Everything went according to plan until Gladys decided to look over her shoulder and fixed her hair, everybody froze. Surprisingly Gladys did not see the board or felt anything unusual. Disaster avoided, lesson learned, never get too cocky.

After the almost disaster at the last location, we decided to play it safe. We had bob held the last board on his own while Gladys is being distracted by one of our crew members.

We spent a whole day completing the sentence, it was quite a fun challenge for us and Bob since we needed to avoid any suspicions from Gladys. The very next day we invited Bob and Gladys for a morning sunrise shootout and we finllay showed her all the secret pictures from yesterday. She was so surprised  to see what Bob had been doing this whole time, and after the shock settled in Bob went down on one knee and the rest is history.

Instead of a diamond ring bob gave Gladys a much more fitting engagement gift, a testament to their long relationship. He gave her a round trip plane ticket to see her most beloved singer, Celine Dion.

Gladys still cant believe whats is going and when it dawned on her that it is for real she cant hold the tears and started hugging Bob dearly

Photo Credit: Mario Jr.

Proposal Planner: Proposalenvy

Destination: Mount Bromo

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