February 8, 2016

Success Story:  Scavenger Hunt Proposal

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"My love for you is a journey, starting at forever and ending at never"

Stephen met Karen through mutual friends about three years ago and they connected instantly. Fast forward three years, Stephen decided this would be the right time to step it up and take things further.

They are planing for a vacation in Bali and this would be their first Bali trip together. Stephen wanted to do something special while in Bali and he thought it would be absolutely amazing to surprise her with a proposal.

Karen is charming and bright person, full of joy, funny, and loves adventure, but above all she is a sucker for anything romantic, so we decided to give her a a romantic scavenger hunt proposal

For Karen’s scavenger hunt we hid four puzzle pieces throughout several locations and in order to find these locations Karen would have to solve little mini puzzle (at each location) that we specifically prepared for her.

Read on to find out how Karen was totally blown away when she finally put the puzzle pieces together.


First Puzzle Piece
Second Puzzle Piece
Third and Last Puzzle Pieces
Stephen sneaks behind Karen ready to surprise her!!

The proposal exceeded all my expectations and it will definitely be a night to remember and to be able to tell the kids about in the future!
– Karen Lay -


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