January 7, 2016

Success Story:  Cliffside Surprise Proposal

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"You're the first thing I think of each morning and you are the last thing I think of every night"

Rodrigo came to two weeks ago and told us he wanted to give his girlfriend a surprise proposal in Bali; Him and his partner, Alejandra, will be going on a cruise tour around Southeast Asia. The cruise ship will be docking in Bali for a day and Rodrigo thought it would be the perfect timing and arrange a surprise proposal for Alejandra.

This would be the couple’s first visit to bali so Rodrigo would like to have a tour of bali before the proposal. Although the trick is that we would have to arrange everything under 8 hours, as the cruise is leaving on same day.

Despite the short notice and limited amount of time on hand, we  managed to pull of Rodrigo’s requests. We Arranged a Bali tour complete with a romantic surprise proposal for Rodrigo and Alejandra

For Rodrigo’s surprise proposal we prepared a romantic proposal set up perched on the edge of a cliff, combined with an infinity ocean view that is just breathtaking.

Rodrigo was very lucky to find PE. Everything was perfect, it was the kind of proposal any girl dreams about and the reality exceeded my expectations! I Will never forget this day


Event Organizers: Proposalenvy
Venue: Alilla Uluwatu
Photographer: Mario Jr

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