April 13, 2016

Success Story:  Magical Bali Beach Surprise Proposal

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"The best gift a man can give to a woman is his time, his attention, and his love"

Emyr came to us few months ago and wanted us to arrange a magical Bali beach proposal for his partner, Tiqa. As we learned more about Tiqa’s personality from Emyr ┬áit turns out that she is not easily surprised, more often than not she will be on to the “surprise” and it does take quite a lot of subtle and meticulous planning to be able to really throw her off her feet. Well dear readers, this one is going be a real challenge!!

With help from close friends and Emyr himself we came up with an amazing idea that will definitely catch her off guard.

  • Tiqa and her friends were going to Bali for a weekend getaway and Emyr “disappointingly” could not join them as he wasn’t allowed to take few days off from the office. Little did she know we planned for Emyr to fly to Bali and surprise her!!!
  • During their trip the girls threw her a little surprise for her upcoming “cultural engagement ceremony” as if to say that this the surprise we have been preparing for you. nothing else, no more surprises…
  • On the very last day of their trip, the three of them were planning on having a dinner on the beach. Again disappointingly they were denied entry as the venue “could not confirm the reservation” Not a great way to end the trip is it?

and then it began…

watch the video to see how we managed to surprise Tiqa!!

Beach Proposal Set Up
The Supporting Casts Have Arrived
Emyr Getting Ready for His Big Surprise
They were "denied" entry as the hotel could not confirm the reservation for the night
Walking aimlessly in dissapointment
As they walked disappointingly on the beach, Tiqa stumbled upon a beautifully decorated scene...
She Said YES!!

Event Organizer: Proposalenvy
Venue: Anantara Seminyak Bali
Photographer: Gung Arya
Video: BLC

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