May 14, 2016

Success Story:  Flash Mob Proposal

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We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

Bill has been dating Stephanie for seven years and have been supporting each other through thick and thin. After being together for such a long time Bill really wanted to give Stephanie a magical magical and unforgettable proposal that she deserves.

Bill mentioned he really liked the idea of a flash mob proposal, and him dancing with the crew to surprise Stephanie. He also mentioned that Stephanie really loves animal especially elephants and we thought it would be brilliant to include elephants in the flash mob!!  Thus we created the first Bali Elephant flash mob proposal.

We created a full day proposal experience for Bill and Stephanie, starting from, private luxury car pick up from the hotel, day tour, accommodation, romantic dinner, and last but not least the most amazing proposal. Check out the video to see how Stephanie said YES!!

We arranged a private pick up for Bill and Stephanie and head to the famous elephant park in Ubud. We have also arranged a 30 minute elephant ride through the jungle and the opportunity to feed and interact with elephants.

Everything went according to plan, Stephanie was enjoying her day playing with the elephants, yet all of the sudden something strange happen, people started dancing in the middle of the park!! I bet Stephanie thought this might just be one of the attractions provided by the park!

Just as Stpehanie was enjoying the dance performace, one of the dancers came out and invited Bill to join the dance!!! Bill joined the crew and started to dance along with them!!! You can see from Stephanie’s face she was completely confused trying to figure out whats is really happening…

Finally it all came to her. Bill, escorted by an elephant, walked towards Stephanie and right at that moment she knew what’s about to happen. The rest is history.

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