January 5, 2018

Proposal Story:  Private Beach Bali Proposal

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This was absolutely the best day of my life. It was everything I ever dreamed of and more.

Steven and Connie are high school sweethearts, but despite being in the same class for a whole school year they did not talk with each other until an end of semester project brought them together. As fate would have it they grew very fond of each other and started getting closer and went on their first date that very summer. Since then they grew up supporting each other to be a better person. Fast forward six years and here they are… ready to take that step to the next chapter of their relationship.

Steven and Connie love to travel, and it just so happen that this year they decided to visit Bali, the island of Gods. Steven saw this as the perfect opportunity to have a destination proposal. Steven contacted us and together we created a bespoke Bali destination proposal for Connie. The proposal plan, we arranged a full day of pampering and a romantic dinner to celebrate their six year anniversary and of course the “surprise”


As soon as Steven and Connie arrived at the venue we ushered them to their seats, and shortly after Steven excused himself and went to the “bathroom.” Connie was so amazed with the ocean view and began to take pictures of the area but she soon came to realize that five minutes had passed and Steven was nowhere to be found!! Only then a waiter came up to her and asked her to go down to the beach.

Connie made her way down the stairs not knowing what was about to happen, nearing the end of the steps she turned a corner and saw Steven, standing in the middle of a private beach waiting for her.

Steven began to reminisce about all the great memories they have had for the past six years, and how he realized that she is the one for him. Steven got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

Connie was completely overwhelmed and overjoyed with the surprise proposal and of course she said YES!!

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