February 28, 2018

Success Story:  The Plus One Proposal

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"I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes"

The Perfect Surprise Bali Proposal Plan For You

Callen had been thinking of proposing for quite some time but he just could not get the right timing. As fate would have it, Callen found out about proposalenvy just when he was going on a vacation to Bali. He contacted us and discussed about having a destination proposal in Bali; Callen wanted a fairly private and simple proposal at the beach. He also mentioned that him and Rebecca has an eight month old baby boy and we thought it would be super adorable to include him into the proposal. Read on to see how an eight month baby helped with the proposal!!

The Proposal Plan

After finding out that Callen and Rebecca has an eight month baby, we just had to involve him in the proposal. The plan was to tell Rebecca that Callen had reserved a fun family shoot while in Bali at the beach during sunset. We had also custom made a baby onesie with “Will you marry my daddy” writings on it.

The Proposal Execution

Callen and Rebecca arrived at the photo shoot location, Rebecca wanted sometime to get changed and freshen up in the bathroom, which gave us the time to put on the onesie on the little one. After everyone was ready we went ahead and took some family photos.

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How He Asked

As Callen and Rebecaa were taking pictures at the beach, we told the Rebecca that we brought a shirt for the little one and we had put it on earlier in the bathroom. Rebecca opened the button shirt on top and saw the writings on the shirt.

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bali proposal ideas

Rebecca was absolutely shocked and couldn’t hold back the tears. She thought this was nothing more than a short family photo session, yet it turned out to be something more magical.

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bali proposal

Together, Calleen and the little one, went down on one knee and popped the question!!! which of course Rebecca said YES!!!

bali proposal
bali proposal idea

This was absolutely amazing, Thank you so much for being a part of our special moment. Everything was as perfect as it could be

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