November 4, 2014

What’s on His Mind Before He Proposes

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A man's brain is made of simple things, mostly sports, food, and sex. Have you ever wondered what goes through a guy's mind right before he proposes? We have the answers right here.

A groom’s confession: 8 things that goes through his mind before he pops the question.

  1. “Will she say yes?”
    Well we kind of know she’ll probably say yes, but you never know, you know
  2. “Where did I put the ring again?”
    This is probably the most common proposal fear, we become paranoid that we keep making sure the existence of the ring even if we have checked the same exact spot for the hundredth time.
  3. “I totally forgot my line”
    Innately men can be romantic but we choose not to be. Proposal is only time we are “allowed” to be romantic and because of that we often try so hard to come up with the best proposal line. Most of the times, the harder we try the messier things get.
  4. “How will my life change”
    Growth require sacrifices and adjustments, and in between transitions there bound to be some clashes. The good thing is that we are going through these hard times with our soul mate. what more can you ask?
  5. “Am I gonna stop having sex?”
    Ok, so  we still managed to think about sex. its inevitable.
  6. “Please don’t eat the ring”
    In hindsight we know that this is not the best proposal plan, but at the time it seemed to be the perfect plan. Do not be afraid to consult a proposal planner, they do come in handy.
  7. “What if she doesn’t like the ring”
    A wise man keeps his receipt.
  8. “I should’ve asked for her parents permission”
    We tend to focus on making the best proposal plan and along the way we forget one important detail.

“If you love someone, the greatest gift you can give them is your presence”

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