October 11, 2017

Bali Proposal ideas

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After you have mustered enough courage to pop the question, you now probably wondering how to propose? Read our tips and advice on how pull off the perfect destination proposal in Bali, Indonesia

How and Where to Propose in Bali. Here are the top 5 best Bali proposal ideas

Proposing can be quite daunting, even when you’re absolutely sure your partner will say yes! To make things worst, your proposal story will be told to all your friends and possibly even strangers, so you’d probably want to make sure your proposal is unique and worth sharing.

Our Advice: To stand out among other generic proposals, plan the ultimate destination proposal surprise in Bali, Indonesia. We have put together a list of Bali proposal ideas from fun to romantic, and simple to elaborate.

1. Sunset Proposal
Bali is synonymous with beaches and sunsets so naturally proposing on the beach during sunset is our top pick. Arrange a simple picnic at the beach and pop the question as the sun goes down. Tips: Bali beaches are always crowded especially during sunset, ask for advice from a local or professionals on how to find a secluded beach or even a secret beach!! For an amazing sunset proposal head on here

Proposing in Bali during sunset

2. Romantic dinner proposal
We have countless options for romantic dinners here in Bali, ranging from budget friendly to luxurious seven course dinner under the stars. Find the perfect fit for you and put your personal spin on it. Advice: Propose before dinner so you won’t be thniking about it for whole evening and plus you get enjoy the dinner!! Click here to find out more about private dinner proposal

Bali proposal ideas

3. Scavenger Hunt Proposal
A unique proposal is all about making it personal and meaningful to you and your partner. With a scavenger hunt proposal it gives you the opportunity to be creative and romantic at the same time! Check out our latest scavenger hunt proposal

bali proposal
bali proposal

4. Villa proposal
For couples who’d like to keep things private, this would be the perfect proposal. Bali has some of the finest villas with amazing views and natural beauty. Splurge on romantic room decorations and a photographer to capture the moment. You’ll catch her off guard as soon as she walks into the room and surprise her with the best surprise proposal. Advice: Make sure to get permission from the hotel to decorate the place. Watch the video below for an amazing villa proposal

Bali Villa Proposal

5. A photoshoot proposal
Say yes to an adventure and propose to your partner out in the wild, Bali has so much more to offer than just beaches. Other natural beauty such as waterfalls, mountain tops, jungles, and rivers can be the perfect destination proposal for you.

Bali Proposal ideas

Please leave a comment below if you have a wonderful proposal idea or you can share your proposal stories with us!! Head on to our website and instagram page for more proposal inspirations

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