July 3, 2018

What To Say When Proposing. The Ultimate Proposal Speech

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One of the most common questions during proposal planning is "What do I say to her before the marry me question?” Read our top five ideas and create your own flawless proposal speech.


Planning your Amazing Proposal and but don’t really know what to say? Here are our top five thought starters to help you create the most amazing and romantic proposal speech. Granted getting down on one knee while holding a ring box sort of says it all, but as one of the most life changing moments, it might be a good idea to start with few thoughtful opening words rather than just going straight to the point. While some people might think that they’ll figure it out on the spot, we strongly suggest to spend more time on it. A wise man once said, preparation is always the best course of action even if you think you’ll do just fine.

Here are our top tips to create the ultimate speech before the popping question. As a precaution, you might want to make a rough draft of what you want to say and go over it a few times to remember them.

First Impression

It’s always a good idea to start from the beginning, talk about the first time you saw her. Anything specific that caught your attention? It might be her beauty, her contagious laugh, even if your first meeting was less than romantic she will be very happy to know that you remembered. Say something like  “When i first talked to you that night at {…}, i thought {…}”

What She Brought Into Your Life

Reflecting on the relationship and your love story, focus on how much better your life is now that she’s in it. Has she helped you with a good diet when you were all for junk food and beer? Taught you about family values? Tell her how your life has changed for the better now by saying “Before you i was {…} Now I am {…}”

Qualities & Inspirations

Ask yourself what you love and respect most about your partner, it might be her generosity? Her Patient and fair-minded? Reveal to her that her values have inspired you to be a better person. Letting her know how much you admire her life principals shows that you love her for all the right reasons. Say something like “Your {…} inspires me to be a better person myself”

The Moment When You Realize That You Want To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Her

Identify one specific moment when it hit you that you’d found the one. Was it the time when she stayed by your side when you were severely ill? or perhaps it was the moment when she said she’d rather stay home, order pizza and Netflix. Say something like “Remember the time, when you {…}, i knew right away that we are meant to be”

The Future

Discuss about things that are important to both of you. Let her know that you and her are on the same boat and you’d like to achieve those life goals together. For the non serious part you can add a funny story that always makes you both laugh, or anecdote that captures the essence of your relationship. Pick something that what makes your relationship unique. Say something like “We both believe in {…} and dream of {…}, so together we can {…}”

The Proposal

Everything you said until now has been building up to this exact moment, it’s time to ask the ultimate question. You can say something like “ {her full name} you make me the happiest man in the world,  will you marry me?”

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